VAPIM was Established as an institute on February 14, 2012 with the aim to provide coaching and education consultancy.

By the time we indulge in providing scholarships to students and helping them in achieving their goals.

Currently VAPIM is working as an VAPIM Educare Private Limited Company to provide quality education at low cost by providing scholarship on PAN INDIA basis for various UG/PG courses and helping the students to achieve their educational goals.

VAPIM Educare is giving an opportunity for those students who will not continue their study due to lack of money and proper Resources and increasing the Indian literacy rate.

We are one of the Organizations who want to develop a belt amongst students and Universities or colleges.

We want to provide a platform to all Indian students who take scholarship for all Private Universities or colleges with our Associate partners support.

With our Associate partners support we will provide best Education with low cost for all rural and urban area's students.

For scholarship we Conduct a Test i.e V- SAT (VAPIM scholarship Aptitude Test) for those students who will come under scholarship criteria we will give scholarship with his/her selected university or college.

To contribute towards generating resources for the betterment of humanity through quality educational services, active participation in community services and establishment of institutions to sensitize all stakeholders towards “Inclusive India, Progressive India.

We are and will be here with a platform to drive approaches of students towards quality education, such as democracy, urbanization, technical change, economic empowerment, globalization etc.


V-SAT is a platform for all Indian students who cannot continue their studies
due to lack of Money and Proper Resourses.
We Provide up to 100% Scholarship in tuition fees for Deserving students and remaining on their grades in all associated Universities/ Colleges
who enrolled for V-SAT.



Mrs. Mamta
Mr. Harsh Vats
Mr. Taransh Vats
Mr. Sachin Bansal
Mr. Pravin Upadhyay
Mr. Chetan Vats
Ms. Priyanshi Gupta
Mr. Dinesh Kumar
Ms. Kajal Shrivastav
Mr. Brij Mohan Surya


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