We take pride in enunciating VAPIM Educare as an equal opportunity employer. We have our people from various diversities working together seamlessly which represents our core strength of being people are driven and people-centric organization.

At VAPIM EDUCARE we believe that our growth is the derivative of our employee’s growth. To achieve our vision of supreme leadership, we always look for energetic and enthusiastic prospective think tanks, full of energy, having an insatiable hunger for success, and wish to:

  • Be the voice of the organization and mouthpiece of excellence.
  • Reach the soaring heights.
  • Have a desire to stretch, to challenge limits under extreme work pressure.
  • Think innovatively and creatively and are high on Success Orientation.
  • Have flair for interacting with people & an eye for detail.
  • Love Challenges and have an attitude to do better each time.
  • Have a Proven Track Record of Executions/ Implementations.
  • Believe in working together to create synergy and unrelenting excellence.
  • Cooperative and Participative besides being a good demeanor and a good articulator.

VAPIM EDUCARE offers you an opportunity to be the key driver of change. Notable reasons which make VAPIM EDUCARE class apart:

  • Offers challenging assignments & Openness to new ideas.
  • Wide exposure & experience in the job.
  • Encourages employee participation in various Management meetings, Skip level meetings & Open forums.
  • Gives equal opportunities to employees to voice their opinions & share their ideas and suitably rewards innovative suggestions.
  • Conducts fun at work activities so that employees can break free from their normal work routine and stay motivated at all times.
  • Gives Rewards and recognition to outstanding performers besides giving development sessions to those who intend to set a benchmark and thrust to take it to the next level of excellence. Recognizes & celebrates the milestones achieved by its valuable employees.
  • Recognizes & celebrates the milestones achieved by its valuable employees.

On becoming a part of the VAPIM EDUCARE Family, your tasks are mapped and defined keeping in mind your aspirations, knowledge, industry exposure, and our objectives as well. Commencing with a well-structured, focused, and exhaustive induction and orientation program, we incessantly mentor and focus on upgrading your professional competencies required for moving up the ladder. You shall undergo various leadership & behavioral programs, seminars, and workshops at frequent intervals which will enrich your Job Expertise and empower you in becoming a leader. Openwork culture is practiced with ample scope for individual growth. We aim to provide a healthy mix of work and pleasure.

It’s always our ceaseless Endeavour to make VAPIM EDUCARE Family a peaceful, enjoyable, comfortable, and ideal place to work, where every individual is motivated and self-driven towards securing phenomenal results.

While contemporary facilities and infrastructure is an existing hygiene factor, we believe that our iconic brand, our leading position in the industry, and exciting career opportunities stand us apart from the rest.

If the above career insights excite you and you are inclined towards being a part of the VAPIM EDUCARE team, kindly send the CV on